a1Kraus Notes started out a business blog, talking about what’s trending in the industry. However, the team realized that real entrepreneurs are always busy. Unless my website ranks #1 worldwide in any category possible, there’s little chance that each targeted audience will peek on our website as we expect. Hence, we included a sign-up page, posted about it on social media and Voila! We had hundreds of sign-ups in just the first week. That’s when we figured, we should be ready to the best first issue ever and each succeeding copy hereafter!

Thanks to the ever-evolving world wide web that we didn’t have to do this manually. Kraus Notes is your email and curation service that keeps you updated with news and interesting stories about the business world. Sign up now.

What We Do

We focus on the needs of any small-to-medium business owner. Many sites claim to cater to the same market while their content talks to employees or anyone who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Kraus Notes, on the other hand, reaches out to any existing business owner. With our collection of the trending news, guides and tutorials to keep these owners well-informed.

Behind the scene, our team spends hours of research, interviews, and data analysis to produce new news on what’s trending and vital for a more successful SME’s.

We love what we do, which includes at least eight hours of reading, writing, and editing. To see what our team works on a daily basis, sign up for our newsletter!